Someone is always listening… Or at least we should behave that way.

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Today I was enjoying a flight of three Pinot Noirs at the lovely Terrace Tasting Room at Disney’s California Adventure. While I enjoyed my wine, I had the opportunity to listen to one relatively outspoken employee who’s conversation was less than professional. While I sipped, he talked about converting his second bedroom to a poker room with a go go pole in it. Then he said

in this day and age I think women would say that there is a lot more to go go dancing than just stripping.

He then told an African American co-worker about the time of slavery and what kind of movie he would direct to show The Man what slavery was all about. Most of his reference to historic knowledge was based of facts from movies, which unfortunately is not the medium from which we should learn.
These moments remind me as a manager to be diligent in being a consistent and physical part of my business. While this employee thinks that I’m out of ear shot, or doesn’t care if I can hear him, the fact remains that we should all behave in a way that the manager or customer is always there. It is therefore our job as managers to make sure that we are present, and have the ability to keep an eye on our crews. As an employee it is often difficult to deal with overbearing managers, but when you are managed efficiently you know both how you are expected to work and yet not be micro managed. We need to make sure that we do not allow the kind of environment where an employee would say to a customer

if I could synchronize when the managers show up, I could set up a poker game.

Don’t let employees gamble on your business. Be there.


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