Saying “Are you sure?” Is not an effective sales strategy

By August 20, 2014 No Comments

Just now I was at a #chase bank to make a simple deposit. The line was a little bit longer than normal and moving a little bit slowly. In an attempt to make those of us standing in line feel more comfortable, one of the managers came over and asked us all if we would like a sucker while we waited in line. The first guest in front of me said sure why not? When she came to me I said no thank you. She then said my favorite phrase in sales “are you sure?”

All too often in sales so many of us revert to an easy phrase like “are you sure” to try and close a deal. While this person was not trying to make a sale they were certainly trying to make us more comfortable. And asking a question like that, doesn’t necessarily make us any more comfortable at all. It’s important for us all to remember that staying on top of our sales mentality is important at all times. Remember that sales is a huge part of customer service, and customer service a huge part of sales.

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