Talent + good business = success

I just left another local business here in downtown Redlands California. The owner of the business basically told me that he really loves his product, but when it comes to business, he struggles. The good news for him is that he has a long list of clients that have existed in his business for decades. While he is successful because of his client list, many businesses do not have that backup. They look to good marketing strategies, good business practices, and excellent employees in order to bring the business in the door. I believe that what makes a great business great is that it has a talented person at the helm. So often a chef is the talent behind a great restaurant, or a talented merchandiser is behind a great clothing store. One of the major reasons that these businesses have a tendency to fail, is because the talent overshadows peoples experience in business. I believe that talented people should start businesses, but that they also need somebody to help them actually run their company. When people are able to pair their talent with good business practices, they actually have a shot at being great! That is something that I endeavor to do as a business consultant. I want to be able to help talented people realize financial security through their talent by helping them sort out the nuts and bolts of actually running a company. The idea isn’t that a business consultant needs to stick around forever, but that they are there to help you refine the way that you do business, or the way that you use your talent. The local merchant from my experience today said, “I love [my product]… But when it comes to business on the fish out of water.” That is what we are here for. We want to help you make money in your particular area of expertise by letting us use our expertise.

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